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Saturday, March 12, 2011

Another Show, Another Crew

The thing about our industry is that you're always working with new people on nearly every project.  For example, on the reality show I'm on for Bravo right now there are about 20 crew members, of which I've worked with only 2 previously.  We're on for about 4 straight months, so you always just cross your fingers and hope everyone clicks.  It's important to maintain a good rapport with your fellow colleagues because you'll never know where you're next job will come from.

Once we loaded the vans and started chatting, we realized we were all only about 1 degree separated from each other.  Even though everyone lived all over the country (Los Angeles, New York, Dallas), we actually ran in the same circles with other shooters, sound mixers, producers, and even execs.  "Have you ever worked with Joe Schmo?" "Why, yes!  I actually just finished a show last year with Joe.  What a small world!"  I've had several jobs fall in my lap from someone I worked with in LA that knows someone that's doing a show out my way.  They enjoyed working with you (and you gave them good results), and BAM, you're in like that.  So keep your professionalism in mind if/when things go awry on set.  Don't just walk out because you can. Take the time and do everything right.  Think long term because if you want your job in this industry to be more than just a job, then you have to.

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