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Friday, July 29, 2011

Adapt and Overcome

I arrive on set and call my contact to escort me in and he tells me to just chill in the car because everyone is tied up. It's one of those shoots, as I soon discover. So an hour later I get in the building and the cam op tells me he's having some issues with the wireless lav he's using. It's a Sennheiser G2, which I'm only vaguely familiar with, but I took a listen and could tell it was a frequency issue. I go to scan and retune the damn thing and can't get it to select a specific freq. After troubleshooting for a few minutes, I could tell the gear was f**ked. They are already halfway through their day and he needed to shoot some OTFs. Instead of trying to trouble shoot anymore, I just set him up with a Lectrosonics SR w/shoe mount rig for his EX1 so he could get going. I would have some downtime before we really got going, so that was fine.

Table stand (minus the gooseneck)
 and a PSC shockmount
It was just one of those situations that we run into all the time where you just have to be prepared for anything. This show usually operated with just 2 camera ops doing the sound themselves. Tough job, IMHO. I was just here for one specific duty for an aerial silk performance, so it was supposed to be an easy day...right?

I did, however, get this floor mount for an MKH70 made from a couple things I had in my car. A spare shockmount and table stand did the trick just fine.

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