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Monday, September 5, 2011

LectroRM - Control Wireless Transmitters Wirelessly

Controlling our wireless transmitters once they are on talent typically requires a mixer to step in, dig out the transmitter from the talent's underwear and push a few buttons.  With the release of the SM transmitters from Lectrosonics in 2005, the ability to adjust these settings could be done remotely, with access to the lav being the only requirement.  Well, that and a $600 remote (sold separately).  That is, until now.  An app is now available for the iPhone and Android phones that has all the same abilities as this remote.  The technology used is a series of "dweedle tones," a proprietary tone containing a unique code, much like an audible bar code, to execute nearly 300 commands to the transmitter.  Settings that can be adjusted include sleep mode, volume, frequency and lock mode.  For only $20, it's a helluva deal.  From the convenience of my pocket, I can now offer more value (less time spent interrupting talent) without breaking the bank on something I'll never get a rental for.  Everybody wins!  I'd love to see the first person that uses the iPad for this.  Now if I just had that built-in USB charger in my bag...

Search LectroRM in your local app store.

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