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Thursday, February 9, 2012

Outside the Box: Sit-down Interviews

Pretty straight forward, right? can almost always find a way to do things better. Single person sit-down interviews aren't generally anything special. Find a dark, quiet corner where you can still see the producer, try to stay out of talent's eye line, cable to camera, set up a boom, and wire up talent. Nothing much more than that, really.

Well, wiring up talent was always the weakest part of the interview chain for me. Not so much actually hiding the lav, but more so attaching the transmitter to their body. Depending on several variables, including the type of chair talent is sitting in and their wardrobe, it can sometimes be awkward. If you put it on the back of their pants, the transmitter might dig into their back. Their pockets might be too tight to put it in. They will talk with their hands, so they can't hold it. If there were only a way to clip it to the chair. I already had the solution on me, and you probably do, too; I just didn't know it.

It finally donned on me while staring at the back of our talent's chair today. I whipped out one of my waist straps and attached it to the back of the voila! We went through 6 or 7 people and all I had to do was plug and unplug the lav from the transmitter. A simple reminder to talent for them to not bolt away when they are done was all it took. I usually do that anyways when I have to set the transmitter on the floor or stuffed in their lap. All of the talent was thankful for saving them from a pain in their lower back and not having to deal with another distraction. This is a very small adjustment that can go a long way. It's not for every situation, but when it works, it works well.

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