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Monday, June 18, 2012

Product Review: The Lav-Strap

I'm trying out a new product called the Lav-Strap from Sound Guys LLC. It's designed to be the most low-profile, versatile mounting system to accommodate a variety of wardrobe types. On my current show, our main character, Nev Schulman, frequently wears thin t-shirts and has an impressive man-rug. It was challenging at first. I started mounting my Sankens at the neckline of the t-shirt, but that always picks up the vocal chords more than anything else. Most of his t-shirts are too thin to mount on the shirt without looking like shit. He does have a necklace that we tried a few times to mount on, but the pendant seemed to get loose from chain and sounded like a zipper sometimes. So when I saw the Lav-Strap I knew it would be perfect for my needs. I was aware of the MicBra by Garfield, but I've never used it. On paper, it seems like it could be a little too bulky where the velcro straps on in the back. If Nev bends over and we see his back, that's something that could become exposed. I'm sure that the MicBra works well, but I feel more comfortable with the low profile Lav-Strap.
Superstar Nev Schulman approves!

The Lav-Strap has 3 different options for mounting a mic on it. You can insert your COS-11 inside a tight pocket, use an RM-11, or another sort of mid-sized pocket for other mounts. It's made from a soft elastic material and comes in three different sizes. We started with the Large and ended up using the Medium for a better fit. It fastens using a bikini top type of fastener, and it usually ends of being on the person's side, not their back. It would be nice if was somewhat adjustable, but I think those components would add to the bulk.
All in all this is a well made product, just like the Lav-Bullet. I love it, the talent loves it, and the sound is great, so I'm sold.

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