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Monday, November 5, 2012

Mounting Your SB-T: C300

With the DSLR craze still in full swing, sound mixers are expected to come up with all the magic tricks to make things work. Well the Canon C300 is one of the newer kids on the block and, like every shiny new toy that takes amazing pictures, the audio department is once again left to fend for itself. At least they gave us a BNC port for timecode!! Actually, I really like this camera. Its biggest flaw, in my opinion, is the awkwardness of the body assembly. I assume there's a good reason for its structure, but it makes mounting anything on it a real circus act.

Slap that booger right on top!
If you plan on slaving a C300 to your master unit, you pretty much have to have a timecode box on the unit throughout the day. I've seen mixers mount hops and timecode boxes in the craziest places, albeit for good reason. I own several Denecke SB-T units, and my solution was some industrial strength velcro onto the back of the monitor. I always keep some in my Pelican for these kinds of things. The SB-T is about the same size as the LCD screen so it makes sense. There was no feasible hot shoe mount available or rail/frame around the unit to screw anything into. The cam ops seemed to not mind it so much, which is always important. After all, where else is it gonna go?

Feel free to tuck the cable into the cable wrangler underneath the  camera mic mount.

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