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Friday, March 8, 2013

664 in a Bag

I own a Sound Devices 664 and use the Petrol 607 for a custom fit bag. There are several good, and not so good, things about the bag. I'm just going to leave you with a quick tip for solving one of the drawbacks of this bag. The bag has a major flaw in its stability. When you set a fully loaded bag on a flat surface, it has a tendency to tip forward. A tragic flaw when you recall the primary purpose of a bag is to keep your gear safe. Well I tried some Velcro along the front side, but when you harness up the bag pulls up (because of lack of rigidity in the frame like previous models) and creates a void along the front frame.

The void on the top of the CL-6 allows the bag to rotate out

So when the bag has a lot of use, it will pull off the Velcro that lies across the top. So I added a small amount at the two corners and that seems to have done the trick. In fact, this seems to have reduced the protrusion. The bag now lies flat against the CL-6 and doesn't fall forward.

Velcro strips on the corner will make your Petrol 607 field-ready

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