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Friday, June 7, 2013

Sound Devices 788T & 664 Wireless Keyboard

The Sound Devices mixer/recorders are fantastic tools, but they lack a user-friendly keyboard for metadata entry. They do, however, come equipped with a USB port for keyboard access. The 788T has a standard "A" type USB port while the 664 has an annoying "B" type USB port. After a decent bit of research though the forums, I found this little guy to be the perfect fit for me. It's the 2.4GHz Rii Touch N7 Mini PC Laptop Keyboard. It has a physical on/off switch, LED backlight and "clicking" feedback. It also has an auto-sleep feature that will power down the unit until you press a couple buttons to turn it back on. It boasts a rechargeable 810mAh internal Li-Ion battery, chargeable via USB. The 664 allows for pre-programmed shortcuts and the 788T even allows for some user-programable keyboard shortcuts. You will have to use an A-to-B adapter for the 664, but it will plug right into the 788T without a hitch. Make sure you get the 2.4GHz model and not the Bluetooth model. The SD unit may not give enough power to the receiver with the Bluetooth model. See my link below for the correct model.

I also use the back of the keyboard to write my frequencies on since there is no handle on the Petrol 607 bag(!). The touchpad is useless for this particular application, but I've found a use for it when streaming movies on my laptop in my hotel room. Just plug it in and you've got a pretty sweet remote control!

For about $35 you'll be up and running in no time. Even if you do have a CL-WiFi, this is a good backup.
This should give you a good idea of the size

It's very slim; fits pretty much anywhere in the bag (by my SRs)

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