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Wednesday, January 29, 2014

ProuctionHACK: Headphone Hook

I've been searching for a good way to hang my headphones on my bags for quite a while now. My current setup is to the velcro straps from Petrol, but wearing gloves in the wintertime makes that a little more cumbersome than it should be. I've actually had these flexible rubber twist ties, GearTies by Nite Ize Innovation, sitting around for a while, but finally thought to use them for holding the headphones.

Check it out below. I bent it to create a long, flat hook and it holds surprisingly well. I've had them on for about a week and they haven't fallen off yet. You can find them on Amazon here or almost any local hardware store or other retail outlet. Make sure to get the 6-inch version and not the 3-inch version.

Loop the tie around the plastic D-ring once and let it ride

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Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Richard Sherman In Every Seat

So this is some pretty crazy stuff. The guys over at Action Audio Apps have streamlined the ability for a fan in the stands at a <insert your favorite sport> game/match can hear live conversations and reactions of the players and coaches. If it's anything like I've heard on the sidelines, listening to this content will be way better than the game itself. I'm curious how the performance is with all the bandwidth being consumed at the same time, but I suppose it could work under the right conditions. Below is the press release (read fluff piece for PWS).

(Orlando, Florida--December 23, 2013) When Action Audio Apps helped put spectators on the field by enabling them to listen to the comments of the Arena Football League’s Orlando Predators players and coaches, Professional Wireless Systems (PWS) was on the sidelines providing frequency coordination for this game-changing experience.

The technology behind this new media application is a partnership between Q5X’s innovative player mics and transmitters, the only PlayerMic® solution approved by the NBA, and PWS’ expert RF coordination. The system was deployed at all Orlando Predators home games this season and was also used at this year's Arena Bowl.

The app from Action Audio not only allows users to dial into a particular player or coach but also offers several combined channels, such as the offense or defense channel. Typically four or five players from the offense and four or five players from the defense, along with the coaches and select referees, are mic'd for the games. The free app can be pre-installed or downloaded once the user arrives at the venue. Within a few simple clicks, fans can access the interactive app’s multi-channel keypad and select specific channels for continuous action. In addition, if a user is unable to attend the game, he or she can tune into the "locker," which offers replay clips from the previous week's game.

“Signal interference has the potential to be a huge disruption for our apps, so having the frequency coordination experience and expert knowledge of Jim Van Winkle and the PWS team is a huge asset to us,” says Sebastian Failla, Action Audio Apps president. “As we see and envision our company growing into different sports and leagues and arenas around the country, it’s nice to have partners like PWS and Q5X working with us.”

At the heart of the system is Q5X's QT-5000 RemoteMic. The QT-5000 is a rubberized, flexible, water and sweat resistant body pack that will not injure the wearer even if the player falls on it or takes a direct hit. The QT-5000 RemoteMic is part of the Remote Control Audio System (RCAS), a revolutionary way to control transmitter settings. All aspects of transmitter operation (audio level, change the frequency, etc.) can be remotely monitored and controlled from a computer interface, which allows the transmitter to be adjusted remotely without the need to contact the player. This is a stand-out feature for Action Audio Apps since once the game starts, the company typically does not have access to the players to make adjustments.

With a lot more radio devices in use these days, congestion and competition for the RF spectrum is at an all-time high, and PWS has frequency coordination down to an art form, so we always enjoy working with them,” says Q5X CEO, Paul Johnson. “PWS is really unparalleled in its ability to manage wireless frequencies and keep everything running without interference.”

via CreativeCow Press Release

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Saturday, January 18, 2014 FREE 50GB UPGRADE Promotion

I found this pretty sweet deal a couple days ago and just got around to trying it out. Box lets you store all of your content online, so you can access, manage and share it from anywhere. Out of all the cloud-based storage solutions, Box currently has the highest storage allotment for free profiles at a solid 10GB, with referrals and offers to obtain more space. From January 15th to February 15th, 2014, they are offering an upgrade to 50GB of storage space for free. The coolest part is there is only one catch; you must download and login to their iPhone or iPad app. Seriously, that's it. Not one extra step is required. Considering I have to clean out my Dropbox (I'm currently at 7.8GB) every few months to make way for some random pictures to share, this should prove to be more than enough for most personal projects.

The app itself is pretty slick. There are a lot more options than Dropbox, such as the ability to create, edit and share documents all directly within Box. It is obviously targeted more towards the document and office job crowd. That's ok for those guys, but the biggest drawback of this free version is the file size limit. Media-industry users like ourselves will balk at the 250MB file size limit of Box. It's virtually useless for the transfer of large audio and video files. However, it's great to backup all those production stills of you boarding a plane or standing on the sidelines at a football game. The only file size restrictions that Dropbox has is the size of your storage plan.

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Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Smartest Smart Slate: 9V battery conversion

If you have a ton of spare
9V batteries and not enough AAs to go around like me, just replace the 6 AA batteries with a single 9V. It actually is pretty simple and works like a charm. Instead of fabricating a block of wood the specs of a 9V, I used a 1/2" oak dowel from a Christmas present project to make up the rest of space. It works like a charm and much easier to change out. The total length is 16mm, so cut your dowel to fit the rest. The result is a lighter slate that is power friendly for those using iPower rechargeable batteries. I haven't tested any runtimes, but I suspect it'll be much shorter. I'll report back with an update.
16mm long and a lot lighter

Small enough to fit in the battery compartment

1/2" Oak Dowel found at any hardware store 
Yup, that's a 9V!

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Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Mileage Rates Plunge

Copyright All rights reserved by simone delgado
Copyright All rights reserved by simone delgado
After a few years of having the IRS steadily raising the mileage rates all the way up to what was 56.5 cents per mile in 2013, they're taking a step back to just 56 cents per mile for business use. So be sure not to overcharge this year or you may busted like these Tea Partiers (I assume). As my wife/accountant pointed out, it's your ass that will taxed more on miscellaneous income by not being able to deduct it. Obviously, check with your accountant as there are different ways you can deduct and charge your mileage. You can find the official document directly from the IRS.

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