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Wednesday, January 29, 2014

ProuctionHACK: Headphone Hook

I've been searching for a good way to hang my headphones on my bags for quite a while now. My current setup is to the velcro straps from Petrol, but wearing gloves in the wintertime makes that a little more cumbersome than it should be. I've actually had these flexible rubber twist ties, GearTies by Nite Ize Innovation, sitting around for a while, but finally thought to use them for holding the headphones.

Check it out below. I bent it to create a long, flat hook and it holds surprisingly well. I've had them on for about a week and they haven't fallen off yet. You can find them on Amazon here or almost any local hardware store or other retail outlet. Make sure to get the 6-inch version and not the 3-inch version.

Loop the tie around the plastic D-ring once and let it ride

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