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Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Smartest Smart Slate: 9V battery conversion

If you have a ton of spare
9V batteries and not enough AAs to go around like me, just replace the 6 AA batteries with a single 9V. It actually is pretty simple and works like a charm. Instead of fabricating a block of wood the specs of a 9V, I used a 1/2" oak dowel from a Christmas present project to make up the rest of space. It works like a charm and much easier to change out. The total length is 16mm, so cut your dowel to fit the rest. The result is a lighter slate that is power friendly for those using iPower rechargeable batteries. I haven't tested any runtimes, but I suspect it'll be much shorter. I'll report back with an update.
16mm long and a lot lighter

Small enough to fit in the battery compartment

1/2" Oak Dowel found at any hardware store 
Yup, that's a 9V!

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