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Thursday, February 13, 2014

Boom Traveler

I typically carry my boom pole(s) in my Pelican 1650 case for my multi-track shoots. Most of the poles I use for reality work fit quite nicely and I don't need another bag or case. However, I use this fishing rod case I found at Cabella's for when I need to travel them separately. It extends quite a ways, so you could really fit a three in there if you needed to. I gave up on using zip ties to keep the lid tied down because TSA would eventually cut them off when I wasn't available or able to supervise their mischief.

I grabbed one of these little metal beaded chain links (pictured below) that are found on most ceiling fans. For those that didn't grow up with ceiling fans, it is a device that cools people effectively by introducing slow movement into the otherwise still, hot air of a room. This particular chain came from a tag on a new Petrol bag that I still had sitting around for no reason at all. K-Tek has an elegant solution, as do a few other manufacturers. Until I travel with several boom poles in a separate case, I'm sticking with this. Cheap and effective.

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