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Thursday, May 8, 2014

The Soundkeeper Cart

I've been lurking around to find a decent bag-cart for those shoots that cover the vast expanses of hospitals, schools, factories and other government-sized facilities. After perusing several dozen designs, I never really found one that met my needs. I am looking for something that will hold my 1620 Pelican case, have a stable shelf for my bag and ideally a work area for prepping lavs or holding my iPad. I feel like I'm very close with what I've found.

This "professional housekeeping cart" I found on Amazon seems to suit all my needs. Obviously, I'll take out the zippered trash bin and the "security cabinet" was optional as well. Firstly, it holds my Pelican case in a variety of positions. I always thought I might could use this as my prep area if need be, but this cart in particular has plenty of shelf space. It has 3 tiers of shelving, all of which have only three vertical supports. This wasn't something I was specifically looking for, but it has been quite nice to not have to squeeze anything in between the posts. It has caster wheels, and as robust as they are, they aren't going off roadin' anytime soon. My intentions are to keep it indoors or on outdoor concrete surfaces, so this is fine with me. The shelf where the trash bin would go underneath actually folds up and is easily removed for storage. This cart will undoubtedly be too bulky for some, but it fits in my cargo area without disassembly and does everything it needs to so it's an A+ in my book!

Find it on Amazon here for about $190.
Plenty of space to hang things on the sides. You will need some extra hooks or clamps.
I only really needed to add a boom pole cup. The large hook for a broom is a good fit for the top of the pole

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