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Friday, June 27, 2014

Sony 7506 Pad Replacements

After one too many nights at home with my wife asking "What's all that black stuff on your face?" I decided it was time to explore replacing my pads on my Sony 7506 headphones. I love the 7506s, like a lot of other mixers out there, but they sure didn't feel like making some quality pads that last more than a couple years. I've gone through a few replacements actually; once using the Garfield knitted coverings and once with genuine Sony pad replacements. The Garfield coverings didn't give me enough isolation from external noise and the Sony pad replacements are just newer pads that still suck. After browsing around the intrawebs I found some replacement pads for the 7506s from Beyerdynamic. They're made of Velour and are extremely comfortable. Best of all, they don't appear that they'll fall apart in the next year or so. I'll try to update this in a few years (2016-ish) to let you guys know how they're holding up. So far, no flakes and they are noticeably easier to get on and off with comfort in mind. I just wish Sony would take note and somehow change up their pad designs a little bit.

Lots of cushion without the flakes
You can find these on Amazon Prime here for $24 at the time of 6.27.14.

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