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Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Q&A with George Tsai | Fuze Ti Timecode Slate

I had a chance to talk to George Tsai, the engineer behind the Fuze Ti Timecode Slate, and pick his brain about his latest innovation. Check out the video below and read on after the break.

Quick Specs

  • 2 pieces; the steel and wooden slate frame and the generator/display itself
  • +/- 1ppm clock tolerance 
  • Powered by 4 AA batteries (16 hours run time on full brightness using alkalines)
  • Accepts 1/4" and 5-pin Lemo timecode connectors (same wiring diagram as Denecke and Ambient products)
  • 5-pin Lemo wired in and out (can use it to jam other devices)
  • Splashproof and Water Resistant is standard
  • Submersible in shallow waters for a limited time (optional upgrade)
  • Dimmer dial for adjustable brightness
  • LED lights illuminate front of slate (like a flashlight)
Before I lose you to a Katy Perry music video or something, consider visiting George's Kickstarter page. As of this writing, he has about 2 weeks remaining and has about 65% of his goal remaining. If you're in the market for a high-quality product with exceptional manufacturer response, think hard about giving the Fuze Ti a shot.

This thing has some great features, of which I appreciate most is the fact that the generator/display unit is removable from the slate frame itself so you could use it as a traditional slate or slap it on your bag for more versatility. The clock is also as accurate, if not more accurate, as other available options in the marketplace. George says he hopes to make timecode solutions more readily available to sound mixers and productions and this is his first step. He hopes his more affordable products will ease the stress that productions induce on themselves by opting to not use timecode at all. This, my friends, is a professional product at consumer prices.

One important note, in my opinion anyway, about timecode. The focus should be on Post receiving audio and video that are in sync with each other. If the camera "drifts" at the same rate as the audio recorder, then that is considered in sync. That never happens though, does it? That's why you can't just jam a Red Epic once from a SD/Zax recorder and expect them to stay together. They have different guts and will do different things. Let's not all go crazy and expect everything to stay sync'd for 24 hours straight. Do yourself a favor and keep good habits good by jamming everything at the beginning of the day and after lunch. If you can't do that, then you should yell at your producer or something. Having said that, check out his test with EVERYTHING you could possibly want to test.

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