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Saturday, March 21, 2015

ProductionHACK: DIY RF Explorer Stand

Sorry, it doesn't work too well with glass cups
We've been doing a good bit of scanning for the RF repository since both Jack and I are traveling a lot right now. Sometimes I have time to scan on-location and other times I just snag a scan at our hotel. Wherever I might end up, I always find it annoying to hold the RF Explorer upright while it scans. The USB port is on the bottom and can't stand upright by itself because of that. I've thought about building some sort of stand that clips onto my laptop screen, but I just haven't had the time or willpower to do that. Obviously, you don't want to lay it flat on a table for optimal results so I built this crafty base for the unit. It's cheap (free), readily available and interference-free! I never need the buttons when I'm connected to my laptop, so this provides a perfect solution.

Just poke a hole through the side and you're done!

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